BSc in Fashion Merchandise Management

The objective of this course is to provide a broad knowledge of merchandising and managing products. The course will cover from order enquiry to point of sale. The large spectrum of activities within these boundaries will help students to understand various operations in the merchandising role. The essence of the course will be customer centric and development of new products and markets. The aim of the course is satisfying the customer and offer inspired solutions for his growth. Students will learn world trade, negotiation skills, garment costing, customer and customer relationship management, supply chain management, product development, accessories and embellishments, garment production management, quality, fabric manufacturing, marketing, compliance and research.
DURATION 3 Year(s)
LOCATION Residential Campus
FORMAT In - Person
INTAKE March -
PROGRAMME LEAD Mr. Samitha Amaradasa

Students can find employment in merchandising, product development, supply chain, marketing, shop organization and management, retail outlets etc. This is one of the best fashion design degrees in Sri Lanka. But, this is not just a fashion design degree in Sri Lanka, it is an intensive program focusing on all aspects of fashion design ranging from product creation to marketing and sales of the product.