BBM (Hons) in Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management focuses on efficiently managing systems of people, resources, and information that deal with the movement of a product or service from supplier to customer. It encompasses topics from manufacturing operations, purchasing, transportation, and physical distribution into an integrated program. The students will learn how to plan and manage the flow of goods and resources in a global marketplace. This is one of the best supply chain management degrees in Sri Lanka.
DURATION 4 Year(s)
LOCATION Residential Campus
FORMAT In - Person
INTAKE March - September
PROGRAMME LEAD Mrs. Bhagya Jeewanthi

Bachelor of Business Management (BBM) Supply Chain Management program offered by SLTC, presents the students with an industry relevant, current curricular, exposing them to critical, value-adding components to enhance their global employability. The objectives are to provide students with a comprehensive background in each area activity and also to allow students to focus on their areas of interest. Through the program student will develop project management and negotiation skills and will learn how to procure products and manage their handling, storage, and distribution effectively.

This supply chain management degree in Sri Lanka focuses on creating top quality industry professionals with the best academic knowledge and industry training. Our students at every level will be taught to improve efficiencies in supply chain operations, cost control, eliminating supply chain failures, and to moderate supply chain risks.

Career Opportunities

With the BBM Supply Chain Management degree you be able secure work opportunities in leading Supply Chain organizations. Taught by industry professionals, this degree program will instill practical skills and experience, which will help application in a range of industries, including manufacturing, transport, and warehousing.