BBM (Hons) in Operations Management

The BBM in Operations Management combinations the disciplines of quality, project and operations research providing learners with expertise necessary to manage production settings including both human capital and human-machine-interfaces with new technology. Topics in this program include lean production techniques, production scheduling, transportation models, quality management etc.
DURATION 0 Year(s)
LOCATION Residential Campus
FORMAT In - Person
INTAKE March - September
PROGRAMME LEAD Mrs. Bhagya Jeewanthi

Industrial operations managers are responsible for the materials, workforce, mechanical and technological logistics of the production process. Areas of responsibility include production scheduling, staffing, procurement, quality control, inventory control and the coordination of production activities with other departments of the organization. Industry expertise said this is one of the highest employment levels in this occupation. The SLTC bachelor’s degree in operations management focuses on creating top quality industry professionals equipped with the best academic and industry experience.

Bachelor of Business Management (BBM) in Operations Management aims to empower business graduates to develop the ability to understand and analyze specific operational problems and to develop practical, effective and implementable solutions. This requires a thorough understanding of both the operations management principles and techniques, and the ability to apply this knowledge in practice.

Students who select the Operations Management specialization area will be able acquire sound overall knowledge of Operations Management, including Operations Systems Design and Management, Production Planning and Controlling, Service Management, Total Quality Management, Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Technology Management, and Project Management. Making this program one of the best bachelor’s degrees in operations management in Sri Lanka.

SLTC’s BBM in Operations Management degree, is only four-year special degree in the field of Operations Management in currently available in Sri Lanka.

Career Opportunities

Students who pursue this study pathway will secure employment opportunities in various managerial positions related to Manufacturing, Services, Quality, Logistics, Supply Chain, and Inventory Management. During the final year of their studies, students will have the opportunity to train themselves in the industry as well as to engage in related research activities.

Minimum Entry Requirements (Domestic students)

  • 3 ordinary passes (S) in approved subjects in any stream at GCE A/L examinations in one sitting, And
  • A minimum mark of 30% for the Common General Paper in the same sitting.

Foreign Student → Equivalent Sri Lankan GCE (A/L)

Total Duration 4 years

1 & 2 years Common Programme which covered overall Management subjects such as Accounting, Finance, Marketing HRM, IT, Business Mathematic & Statistic, Economics, English, Management etc. Further this 2-year Common Programme prepares students for a career that uses basic business education combined with information systems, critical thinking, and structured solution skills.

3 & 4 years Specialized in Operations Research


Six months in reputed private or public organization.

What Can I Do with This Major? Job Opportunities

We provide you with opportunities to integrate academic learning with workplace experience. Incorporating professional experience in your studies helps you develop employability skills, including communication, teamwork, leadership, negotiation and problem-solving.