BTech (Hons) in Agricultural Technology

Agriculture is the most vital sector ensuring food security, shelter, employment, and livelihood of most people. The Agricultural Technology program envisages and works towards producing graduates capable of contributing to the country's socio-economic development by timely recognizing constraints and increasing resource use efficiency through technological inventions with the knowledge of science, engineering principles, and social sciences.
DURATION 4 Year(s)
LOCATION Residential Campus
FORMAT In - Person
INTAKE March - September
PROGRAMME LEAD Dr. Ruwanga Amarasinghe

The program offers students the knowledge of science and technologies of vital areas which are recognized to be essential in solving issues in the agricultural sector in producing, processing, and value addition for food and raw materials for food security and industrial development. Besides, the students will undergo industrial training of six months during the third year of the program, which will add significant strength to graduates’ quality. Their exposure to the industry of their choice offers hands-on experience on how technologies are developed and used today. This intensive agriculture degree in Sri Lanka adds great value to undergraduates with its high quality academic and industrial training.

The program absorbs students who complete the GCE Advanced Level Examination in Technology Stream. This is one of the best agriculture degrees in Sri Lanka.

Career Prospects

The career prospects of graduates include continuing in higher education, national and international employment potential, education and research engagements, engaging in the private sector employment related to food production and processing, joining consultancies with gained experiences, and engaging in self-employment with versatile industrial opportunities.

Quality Assurance and Accreditation

The program seeks to comply with the Sydney Accord upon the graduation of the AgriTech graduates. The program follows quality standards introduced by the Ministry of Higher Education in teaching and student assessments.

Research Orientation

Research in the Agricultural Technology program covers the integration of technologies towards solving critical issues affecting the production and accessibility to food. This program covers courses like agronomy, soil fertility and management, plant pest management, plant propagation including tissue culture, food processing and packaging, irrigation and water management, advance soil and land management, microbiology, agricultural engineering, application of GIS and remote sensing, nanotechnology, computer modelling and simulations, etc. Integration of suitable technologies for enhancing production and processing efficiencies is always given due attention.

Eligibility Criteria

The entry requirement is a minimum of 3 ordinary passes (S) in approved subjects in Technology, Physical Science, Biological Science, ICT, or Agriculture stream at GCE A/L Examinations in one and the same sitting and a minimum mark of 30% for the Common General Paper.