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Who We Are

Our students are leaders in the making, excited about the opportunities that the world holds for them. They are eager to make a difference – to make their mark in every industry. They like disrupting the norm and transforming what is good into something greater. Here, they find themselves among the like-minded but also those who could not be more different. Anyone who has ever wanted to be a changemaker, innovator or strategist will feel right at home at the SLTC Faculty of Business Management.

What We Do

The SLTC Research University is home to one of the most innovative business faculties in the country. With a wide range of disciplines to choose from, we ensure that our students are equipped with the knowledge and skills required to pioneer and add value to any functional vertical within an organisation, at any level. Whilst the versatile modes of learning give our students the utmost freedom to make the most of their time at SLTC, the Faculty of Business Management maintains a practical orientation to higher education that transcends the classroom.

The SLTC Faculty of Business Management, the only research-based corporate funded business faculty in the country, provides their undergraduates a wide exposure to the industry, an excellent background in research and an academic environment par excellence.

Degree Programmes

Academic Panel

Hilary Silva
Prof. Hilary Silva Dean - Faculty of Business Management
Asini Nimaya
Ms. Asini Nimaya Department Head
Dimithri Jayagoda
Dr. Dimithri Jayagoda Department Head