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Who We Are

Our students are here for tomorrow. They are innovative and adventurous, analytical and are excited by new tech. They are among those who get tech and are continuously inspired by its infinite possibilities. They are here for the IT of the new era, not just to witness but be a part of its evolution and be the agents of progression for mankind. 

What We Do

Suddenly IT is at the heart of everything we do. It is in our homes, in our schools, our hospitals and has become the web that binds us all. As our lives become more automated by the day, we need those who can manage the tech that drives it all and the demand for IT professionals is ever increasing.

The SLTC Faculty of IT is for those genuinely excited by technology. Maintaining a highly practical orientation to learning and teaching, and a faculty of acclaimed academics and successful professionals, SLTC offers several UGC approved 4-year undergraduate degree programmes and transfer options in partnership with acclaimed global universities. 

In addition to the classroom hours, the school provides its students with resources, opportunity, and space to explore the discipline, experiment and engage in innovation while presenting ample exposure to the global industry and its developments.

Degree Programmes

Academic Panel