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Who We Are

Our students are naturally curious, full of creative energy and are amazing problem solvers with great analytical skills, emphatically symbolising progressiveness. They care about the world and its people. They design, they innovate, they build. For them, Engineering is not just a vocation, but a passion. They are here to give the world what the world is yet to realise they need.

What We Do

The SLTC Research University was founded as an Engineering School, a pioneering initiative in the country, and now home to those truly passionate about the discipline. In a fast-paced world, embracing and adapting to change, today it offers over 7 number of undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, and several research fellowships. 

The SLTC Faculty of Engineering, the only research based corporate funded engineering faculty in the country is home to some of the pioneering research activities in the field of engineering in Sri Lanka. 

Degree Programmes

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