Hon. President Inaugurates the Center for Governance and Public Policy (C-GaPP) at the SLTC Research University

The SLTC Research University ceremoniously launched the Centre for Governance and Public Policy; the university’s dedicated centre for research, education and policy making on Wednesday the 15th of February at the SLTC University premises in the TRACE Expert City, Colombo 10. 

The Centre was inaugurated by Hon Ranil Wickramasinghe, The President of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka, in the presence of state officials, local and international delegates, academics, university representatives, policy makers and industry personnel.

The newly inaugurated centre will work on the fronts of knowledge sharing, policy development, research and knowledge incubation and public engagement in Sri Lanka as well as work in collaboration with international bodies, agencies and universities on joint academic and social initiatives. Educating the next generation about governance and public policy as well as contributing towards policy development and administration on a global scale have been identified as the key objectives of the centre.

Welcoming the audience to this memorable occasion, the Vice Chancellor and the President of the SLTC Research University, Eng. Ranjith G. Rubasinghe stressed upon the importance of universities transcending their conventionally assumed roles of mere knowledge disseminators but acceding to the functional roles of holistic educators that rise to the demands of the times. The launch of the SLTC Center for Governance and Public Policy (C-GaPP) marks a significant step towards this endeavour for SLTC.

Addressing the gathering, Hon. President Ranil Wickresinghe said that he was overjoyed by the launch of the new centre. One that would cater to a pressing need  in Sri Lankan Education. The President also went on to say that the country has arrived at an age of transformation, where one has to consider both the good and the bad and higher education demands much change which requires wide ranging discussions among parties across the country.

In addition to academic and research activities, listed among the key activities scheduled to be carried out by the SLTC Center for Governance and Public Policy (C-GaPP), is a series of seminars under the theme of Freedom & Prosperity; Sri Lanka towards 2048 which will open with an inaugural conference this year. The Centre is headed by Dr. Samitha Hettige – Head of Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences at the SLTC Research University who introduced the aims and objectives of the centre to the gathering. This was followed by Prof. Howard Nicholas, Associate Professor at the International Institute of Social Studies, The Hague  who spoke under the theme of  ‘Crisis; a catalyst for growth’ and referred to the many opportunities a crisis can generate not only for a country’s economy but for advancements in  higher education, research and technology.

SLTC is Sri Lanka’s first corporate backed , non state research university and is known for technology enabled teaching and learning , research and innovation conducted in collaboration with international agencies and transcending the traditional conventions of education. Fostering the next generation of thought leaders, innovators and entrepreneurs through research is at the core of the SLTC Research University. 

Research, self-learning, experimenting, challenging convention, innovative thinking, and driving one’s passion, are all integral components of the SLTC culture. SLTC is known for the wide array of disciplines it offers and cross-discipline collaboration across schools. The Centre for Governance and Public Policy is the latest addition to SLTC’s portfolio of schools and centres and will be a forerunner to the establishment of the Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences which will be launched later this year.