SLTC Successfully Concludes Three-day Resident Workshop for Instructor Capacity-development.

The SLTC Research University conducted a three-day resident capacity- development programme for 124 instructors representing the National Youth Corps and the National Youth Services Council, who will be engaged in the teaching process of the recently launched Degree in Applied IT (DAIT), offered by the university at 76 study centres across the country. Conducted from 1st March – 3rd March at the SLTC main campus in Padukka, the programme was organized to help the participants understand the broader objectives of DAIT, the potential of the ICT industry both in Sri Lanka and globally and how DAIT will help prepare its students to progress into a range of careers in the field of IT. It was also an opportunity to appreciate and recognize the support rendered by the many individuals on the team whose continuous efforts had made a national initiative such as the DAIT, successful.  

The Degree in Applied IT – DAIT, is a bachelor’s degree in Applied Information Technology awarded by the SLTC Research University. Conducted in partnership with the National Youth Services Council and the National Youth Corps under the guidance of the Ministry of Sports and Youth Affairs, DAIT is part of a national initiative to equip the country’s youth to pursue a range of careers in the global IT industry. Designed with the intention of training students in the practical applications of IT, the first intake of the degree programme admitted 910 applicants who had successfully completed their A/Ls in diverse categories of subjects. This enables students from any secondary education background to receive a recognised higher education qualification in IT and train as qualified professionals. 

DAIT is being conducted at 76 centres across the country, by the instructors of the National Youth Corps and the National Youth Services Council with the support of the academic faculty of SLTC. Considering the uniqueness of the programme and the novelty of its learning mechanism to the Sri Lankan higher education sector, measures such as the instructor capacity-development programme were identified to be integral towards ensuring the success of the programme. The three-day training programme included several panel discussions highlighting the importance of DAIT in the current national context, its relevance to the global IT industry and the role of the instructors and their responsibility towards the undergraduates. Mr. Hasitha Liyanage , CEO of Different delivered the keynote address, speaking about the diverse opportunities available for Sri Lankan IT graduates in the global and local industries .  Presentations were made by Mr Pubudu Liyanage, Human Resources Consultant at Acumatica Inc. who stressed upon the importance of developing soft skills to succeed as a professional and Mr Sampath Jayasundara, CEO, hSenid who also stressed upon the lucrativeness of the IT industry for qualified graduates.

The programme concluded with an award ceremony where several individuals who had contributed towards the planning, initiating, curriculum development and content design, operations and logistics, quality assurance, administration and enrolment processes of the DAIT programme were recognized for their efforts and commitment towards this national initiative.