Good Life X and SLTC sign strategic partnership

Innovation and development catalyst Good Life X (GLX) has entered into a partnership with the Sri Lanka Technological Campus (SLTC) to strengthen the entrepreneurial ecosystem and foster the next generation of innovative thinkers in the country.

The partnership comes at a time when the Sri Lankan economy needs a fresh impetus for innovation-led growth, with a focus on regenerative and sustainable business practices. Entrepreneurship, whilst taught in many courses worldwide, demands real-world experiences through successes and failures to understand the realities on the ground and to have a real impact.

While students go through entrepreneurship and innovation classes, hands-on action often remains limited. The partnership between GLX and SLTC aims to tackle that, build practical skills among the campus students and prepare them to take on challenges in the real world.

The partnership recognises that innovation requires out-of-the-box thinking, trialing different approaches to problem-solving and most of all, collaboration with fellow peers to unlock ideas within each other.

Through the partnership, GLX will bring to SLTC’s City Campus located at TRACE Expert City, unique and innovative approaches to creating scalable impact, and accelerated good growth business models, whilst inspiring new ways of tackling old problems.

This partnership will enable both parties to combine their strengths to tackle social, economic and environmental challenges at the local, regional and global levels, especially around sustainability and climate change.

GLX will co-create the incubation efforts of SLTC and contribute to developing SLTC’s interdisciplinary approaches to problem-solving, innovation and entrepreneurship expertise in order to be efficient and current.

GLX will further contribute towards SLTC’s think tank on industry-academia, innovation and research while providing access to SLTC’s academic fraternity for students to engage with programs and activities hosted by GLX.

Good Life X will be based as an onsite innovation sustainability partner within the SLTC City Campus at Trace Expert City in Colombo. The space will be used to facilitate hands-on experiences connecting the GLX’s methods of innovative community building within SLTC and Trace Expert City.

Good Life X (GLX), is an innovation and development catalyst, geared to build a new wave of life-enhancing companies in South Asia. GLX provides critical knowledge and expertise to rapidly advance the prospects of startups, SMEs, and investors focusing on regeneration and innovation through their solutions.

As the first sector-specific innovation platform in Sri Lanka GLX has developed flexible, renewable and diverse approaches to bridge the gap between the old and the new, creating actual progress in food and agriculture, circular design, wellness and tourism spaces since 2019.