SLTC and TAR UMT Collaborate on Staff Exchange Program

SLTC Research University (SLTC) and Tunku Abdul Rahman University of Management and
Technology (TAR UMT) have recently concluded a successful staff exchange program,
solidifying their partnership in the field of education. This collaboration not only strengthens the
bond between the two institutions but also opens up exciting opportunities for student transfer
programs, particularly in the field of Engineering.

TAR UMT, a renowned institution situated in Malaysia, has consistently ranked among the top
universities in the region. Their commitment to excellence in education, research, innovation,
and industry collaboration makes TAR UMT an ideal partner for SLTC.
SLTC, a leading educational institution in Sri Lanka, offers a range of pathways for aspiring
engineers. The Engineering Foundation Program provides a comprehensive one-year
curriculum, equipping students with essential knowledge and skills to lay a solid groundwork for
their engineering journey.

For students who have completed their A/Ls (Advanced Level examinations), SLTC offers
flexible transfer pathways. Option 1 allows students to study the first two years of their degree
locally at SLTC in Sri Lanka and seamlessly transfer to TAR UMT in Malaysia to complete the
remaining two years of their Bachelor's degree. This pathway ensures a holistic educational
experience across borders. Option 2 is designed for students who choose the Engineering
Foundation Program after O/Ls. They can spend the initial two years of their degree at SLTC
and then transition smoothly to TAR UMT for the final two years, gaining exposure to
international perspectives and enhancing their employability.

The successful staff exchange program between SLTC and TAR UMT marks a significant
milestone in their partnership. By sharing knowledge, fostering friendship, and promoting
growth, these institutions are paving the way for a brighter future in education and industry.
Students, faculty, and researchers can look forward to exciting opportunities and cross-cultural
learning experiences.