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Promoting entrepreneurship at universities has become vital to the holistic growth of its community. Whilst our programmes are geared to instil knowledge and develop transferable skills to succeed as professionals of an existing organisation or launch an entrepreneurial venture, SLTC also started several initiatives to promote entrepreneurship within the university as well as the local community.

Centre for Entrepreneurship Development

Centre for Entrepreneurship Development at SLTC Research University is established to promote a culture of entrepreneurship among our graduates and staff through entrepreneurship research, education and a start-up support system. 

The centre primarily focuses on the cultural, development and academic aspects of entrepreneurship in their work.

Objectives of the Centre

  1. Creating an entrepreneurship culture among young graduates and staff and recognize their entrepreneurial endeavour.
  2.  Inculcating an entrepreneurial mindset among university and school students.
  3. Collaborating with faculty members and other interested parties locally and internationally to create knowledge in the entrepreneurial sphere and disseminate the knowledge.
  4. Supporting the development of policies to promote the entrepreneurship culture in the country


2021 – Starts signature programme “SLTC Ventures” to incubate young graduates and staff of the campus.

2022 – Establishing the SLTC co-working space

2022 – Establishing the University Student Enterprise (USE)

2022 – Celebrating the Global Entrepreneurship Week in collaboration with various local and international bodies

Who ever selected to the SLTC Ventures programme will undergo two to three months training, upon completion the best business idea that is selected will be awarded cash prizes;

  • The first prize               – Rs. 100,000
  • The second prize         – Rs.   50,000
  • The third prize              – Rs.   25,000

In addition ten selected business ideas will be mentored further development in preparation for a pitch at the investor forum. Further, groups and respective business ideas that get selected at the investor pitching stage will provide co-working space to work on the entrepreneurial venture.

The SLTC co-working space will facilitate start-ups of the alumni of SLTC Ventures and selected ventures and projects will be supported to be developed within the Seethawaka region.