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Collegiate System

SLTC is the only university in Sri Lanka to have adopted the collegiate system which has proved highly successful in many global universities . Upon admission to the campus, each student is  assigned to one of the four colleges; Alan, Albert, Isaac or Nikola.

The colleges are lively, welcoming and diverse communities which enable students to make friends with others from diverse academic and social backgrounds coming from all walks of life. It is a great way to develop friendships across the campus.

The Collegiate advantage

  • Creating unity, friendship and respect bound by a strong sense of fellowship.
  • Fostering an environment to nurture diverse talents and skills of the community 
  • Promoting a healthy sense of competition among colleges by means of various extra-curricular activities and sports activities. 
  • Facilitating inclusiveness by being a part of a small friendly community at a large institute.

The Student Interactive Society – SIS

The collegiate system is governed by an independent student body with representatives from all colleges. The Student Interactive Society operates under a comprehensive constitution. The representatives are elected via an annual election conducted online.