Sinhala and Tamil New Year Celebration 2023

SLTC Research University commenced work on the 17th of April celebrating Sinhala and Tamil New Year traditions as one family with the participation of staff and student interactive society representatives. Addressing the gathering the leadership of the university expressed their thoughts about the unique rituals and the traditions that make Sinhala and Tamil new year special and memorable and how it merges with work life experiences and balance. The Sinhala and Tamil New Year is one of the most important and awaited celebrations in Sri Lanka. Referred to as the Aluth Avurudda by the Sinhalese and Puthandu by the Tamil community, this is celebrated as the sun moves from Pisces to Aries marking the end of the harvest season. This joyous occasion is an annual expression of the rich culture of the multi-ethnic island nation. Through the many interesting customs, delicious traditional sweetmeats and food and the fun activities, this time of the year creates an opportunity for all Sri Lankans to unite, offer gratitude and celebrate as one.