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Who We Are

Our students are here, doing what they love. They are bold and adventurous. They are risk takers who have dedicated their future to the arts, their passion. They draw inspiration from everything around them and turn the mundane into things of extraordinary beauty. The world is their stage, and every opportunity is a chance to explore, grow and step ahead. Their creative journey has just begun.

What We Do

The SLTC Department of Music is the only one of its kind in the country offering a UGC approved 4-year undergraduate degree programme in music; a globally recognized degree programme that allows students to explore the distinct aspects of the discipline, interdisciplinary pursuits, the industry and the opportunities. Taught by a faculty of acclaimed artists and experts of the industry, this programme aims to guide students to realise their full potential and find their place on the global stage; be it in production, performance, or management. Students also have the opportunity to engage in research related to their discipline and collaborate with local and global artists.

The SLTC Department of Music provides the students with the freedom, the support, and the environment to follow their passion, explore their strengths and realise their aspirations.

Music education in the world is constantly changing and evolving due to the neo-modern socioeconomic and cultural dynamics. Old-school music pedagogy is not considered to be a productive methodology for teaching music in modern times. Modern Music pedagogy includes not only Music theory and practice in one or several traditions of music but also connects with many other different yet related doctrines. Music is being recognized in modern education as an interdisciplinary doctrine which interacts with Sociology, Cultural Studies, Philosophy, Mathematics, Anthropology and Archaeology and most importantly Communication and Business.

 The History of Music Education in Sri Lanka dates back to the 1940s with the establishment of “Rajaye Lalitha Kalayathanaya”. During the past 80 years of Sri Lankan Music and dancing education, the state educational system was able to produce only a handful of well-trained musicians and hundreds of Music teachers.

 SLTC being one of the leading non-state Universities in Sri Lanka has identified the potential and the necessity for creating a space for a world standard Music Degree programme while retaining the local identity. SLTC has also identified the importance of Music research and its impact on both Music pedagogy and industry. 

Why Study Music at SLTC?

  •       Faculty comprised of veteran musicians and professionals.
  •       Local and global Industry Partnerships
  •       Fantastic networking opportunities
  •       International Academic and Research Partnerships
  •       Student Centric Learning Environment
  •       Outcome Based Learning Process
  •       100% Graduate Employability

Degree Programmes

Academic Panel