‘Education and Sports’, go hand-in-glove

SLTC Research University; the Official Higher Education Partner of the 144th Royal Thomian Cricket Encounter  

Marking a significant milestone in its history, SLTC Research University has established a unique partnership with a rich tradition; and the world’s oldest uninterrupted schoolboy cricket match; by becoming the Official Higher Education Partner of the 144th Royal-Thomian Cricket Encounter played between Royal College, Colombo, and St. Thomas’ College, Mt. Lavinia for the prestigious D S Senanayake Trophy. The much-anticipated cricket encounter, one of the highlights in Sri Lanka’s school cricketing calendar, was played on the 16th, 17th, and 18th of March at the SSC ground Colombo. 

The pioneering and exclusive partnership was announced at a press conference held on the 2nd of March during which the sponsorship cheque was officially handed over to the two heads of the institutions and the Joint Match Organizing committee. 

Exhibiting its belief of sports being a critical element of enriching core human values; building confidence; and instilling resilience, SLTC entered into this landmark partnership with two of Sri Lanka’s premier boys’ schools reflecting its commitment to developing well-rounded men and women, which is at the heart of SLTC’s value system. As a university that recognizes the importance of sports and extracurricular activities for the holistic upbringing of its undergraduates, SLTC believes this partnership reflects these values and supports the university’s attempts to instill skills and attitudes that will help build resilience, team spirit, leadership skills, mutual respect, and most of all, the ability to take victory and defeat in the same spirit, in the future generations of Sri Lanka. While the partnership provides SLTC with an excellent opportunity to support and promote the sport and its values and be a part of the journey of these promising sportsmen, the university believes that the long history and the rich traditions of the Royal-Thomian Cricket Encounter reflect the university’s own sentiments of sportsmanship and what it entails for the youth of this country.

SLTC is Sri Lanka’s first corporate-powered non-state research university, with a well-defined graduate profile aimed at producing a holistic multifaceted individual who would excel in both his professional and personal life. As a result, sports and extracurricular activities play an important role in the lives of those at SLTC. SLTC also to many teams excelling at diverse sporting activities including cricket and has provided several sporting facilities for the use of its community. SLTC is the first institution to become the exclusive higher education partner of the Royal-Thomian Cricket Encounter marking a memorable milestone for the university and the two schools.