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SLTC Clubs

The Student Interactive Society (SIS) The SIS work by their mission statement, “to help create a Responsible, Participative, Virtuous and Independent professional, who makes maximum use of available resources to reap the best results. To inspire every student to reach even further than their expected goals & to make each student a legacy of the campus.” SIS plays a prominent role in coordinating academic and non-academic activities including various competitions and festivals that bring the university community together. The office bearers, elected each year via an independent election are given the opportunity to exercise their leadership and management skills preparing them to meet the challenges in the external environment. Annual events such as the Colours Night, Talent Show, Sports Week, Sports Meet, Multireligious functions and other competitions are carried out under the purview of the SIS. 

The University Student Enterprise This organisation was formed in order to encourage students to engage in entrepreneurial activities during their undergraduate years enabling them to thrive in any entrepreneurial/corporate environment as professionals. This venture exposes students to the corporate environment and empowers them and provides them with the necessary resources and guidance to initiate various commercially and socially viable projects over a stipulated period of time.

IEEE Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) IEEE is the bridge that connects the curious minds of our young engineers together. The membership of this institute spans from one extreme to another with a common goal to advance the technology of the world to benefit humanity. The IEEE Student Branch of SLTC was inaugurated in year 2018 with the primary purpose of promoting education and research in all aspects of the theory and practice of electrical & electronic engineering, computer engineering, mechatronics engineering, software engineering & all other allied branches of engineering & related art and sciences, as well as the the professional development of its members. Since its inception, it has been organising many workshops and events to encourage and enhance the professional, social, technical skills of the SLTC community.

The IEEE Industry Application Society of SLTC was recognised as the Outstanding New Chapter at the IAS CMD Outstanding Chapter Awards 2022 held in Detroit, USA.

The Media Club The media club is responsible for media related aspects of all activities that take place within the university It is made of some of the most dynamic and talented undergraduates of SLTC who practise photography and videography, journalism, compering and event hosting, graphic designing and a myriad of other activities.

The LEO Club The SLTC LEO club is an active student entity that works independently to bring about positive change to the community. The SLTC student body of the International Lions Club, they  also undertake projects in collaboration with other LEO and Lions club movements. During a very short period, the SLTC LEO Club has won many awards and citations for their community service projects.