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SLTC Clubs

The SLTC has set up student clubs and societies in order to facilitate students to participate in extracurricular activities. Joining or starting a club can provide students with a sense of community, soft skills, networking opportunities, and just a good way to spend students’ free time. Currently there are 12 clubs and societies on the campus.

Leo Club
Leo club of Sri Lanka Technological Campus is an outstanding service club of Leo District 306 A2 that encourages youth to develop leadership skills while
serving the community by participating in social service activities in the fields of Health Care, Elders, Children, differently abled, Literacy & Education, Self-Development and many more.

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers-IEEE
The IEEE Student Branch of SLT campus works with the main objective of creating a new generation of knowledgeable innovators through technology and
providing the undergraduates of SLTC Research University with valuable opportunities that would be deemed important in their future.

Performing Arts Club – PAC
The Performing Arts Club is a dynamic hub for artistic expression and collaboration. It focuses on the intricate realms of drama, music, dance, and various performing arts students, from diverse backgrounds, come together to refine their talents, foster creativity, and produce compelling performances.

Gavel Club
The Gavel Club of SLTC is a dedicated platform for enhancing students’ public speaking capabilities and character throughout their academic journey. It offers a structured environment to cultivate confidence, improve English communication skills, and foster a sense of professionalism. This club stands as an essential resource for those aiming for effective communication and meaningful connections.

Get Sync Club
“A united society that shares to keep up with the ever-changing and competitive world. Knowledge, information, and areas of interest are being created in them”. Get Sync club is primarily focused on the industrial sector, and their primary goal is to advance industrialization to advance undergraduates’ practical skills and get them ready for the workforce by accelerating their learning.

Rotaract Club
The Rotaract Club of Sri Lanka Technological Campus was Chartered on the 24th of April, 2022. The Rotaract organized their membership into eight major Rotaract avenues to make project planning easier. Rotaract engage in Community Services and Professional Development and make youths participate in various activities and enhance their leadership and team working abilities.

Green Army Club
The Green Army of Sri Lanka Technological Campus aims to increase forest cover, conserve wildlife, and promote sustainable practices through education, research, and development. They engage communities and institutions for environmental conservation.

Media Club
The Media Unit of SLTC Research University is the oldest student organization established at SLTC and was founded in 2016. Since then, the Media Unit has helped other clubs and societies, as well as the administration of SLTC, by organizing their events and providing media coverage.

SEDS – Students for Exploration and Development of Space
SEDS SLTC is the chapter of the students for the exploration and development of space at SLTC Research University, unites passionate students dedicated to advancing space exploration and development.

International Association of Students in Economics and Commercial Sciences – AIESEC
AIESEC is a global youth-led organization and its purpose is to create a positive impact on society by developing leadership qualities in young people through cross-cultural exchanges, abroad internships, Developing International Relationships and volunteer experiences. AIESEC provides a platform for young individuals to explore and develop their leadership potential, empowering them to make a difference in the world.

University Student Enterprises. – USE
A new, well-adapted trend among SLTC students is the University Student Enterprise (USE), a private limited company that is rapidly growing. Among the campus community, USE operates to be one of the SLTC’s business platforms. USE provides a wonderful opportunity for campus students to obtain a supplementary income along with a working experience. The campus community, including students and others, will be USE’s target customer.

Civil Engineering Society
Civil Engineering Society desires and strives to be the guiding light and platform that provides knowledge in the disciplines of civil sciences and new technology that is crucial to SLTC students and to promote academic and professional excellence, innovation, and community engagement among students.