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Prof. Senaratne Ranamukhaarachchi

Senior Professor in Agricultural Technology and Biosystems Engineering with over 45 years of academic career in both local and foreign universities. He served 22 years at the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Peradeniya, 15 years at the Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand, and three years at SAITM. Then joined SLTC in 2018. His engagements include working as a consultant in many development pojects within and outside Sri Lanka including Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. Among his pedogogical acitivities include curriculum development for bachelor’s and post-graduate levels in Agriculture and Forestry in a few Asian countries. Interested subject matter and research areas include Agronomy, Crop and Stress Physiology, Biological Control of Pests and diseases, Cropping Systems, Plant Tissue Culture, Controlled Environment Agriculture, Precision Agriculture, and Sustainable Land Management.

Academic/Professional Qualifications

B.Sc. in Agriculture, Peradeniya University, Sri Lanka
M.S. and Ph.D. in Agronomy, Pennsylvania State University, USA

Prof. Senaratne Ranamukhaarachchi
Prof. Senaratne Ranamukhaarachchi
Agricultural Technology



Tissue Culture

Cropping Systems

Weed Science

Plant Pest and Disease Management

Stress Physiology

Soil Fertility

Sustainable Land Management

Agricultural Zoning

Precision Agriculture

Controlled Environment Agriculture