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Eng. Nalaka Samarasinghe

Engineer Nalaka is a Lecturer attached to the Department of Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering SLTC. In addition, he serves at SLTC as the Lead of the Product Development Center. Prior to joining SLTC, Eng. Nalaka Samarasinghe worked as a practicing engineer for over 15 years, holding positions as a manager of maintenance, factory engineer, mechatronics engineer, and maintenance engineer. He has worked for prominent national and international firms like Prima Ceylon (Private)Limited, MAS Holdings, and Brandix Apparel Solutions Ltd. Eng. Nalaka joined the prestigious National Engineering Research & Development Centre (NERD) after leaving Prima Ceylon Private Limited in 2019 and worked there for more than 4 years as a Senior Research Engineer attached to the Department of Mechatronics Engineering. He took on the role of Head of the Department of Electronics and Electrical Engineering at NERDC in 2021, serving in that capacity for a year. Eng. Nalaka worked as a co-project leader for the Oxygen Concentrator Development Project, which was started in 2021 and successfully completed, in addition to being involved in several research projects at the NERD Center. The University of Peradeniya awarded Eng. Nalaka Samarasinghe a B.Sc. in Production Engineering, and the University of Colombo awarded him a master’s degree in Applied Electronics. Additionally, he is a member of the Institute of Engineers Sri Lanka (IESL).

Eng. Nalaka Samarasinghe
Eng. Nalaka Samarasinghe
Lead for Product Development Center Lecturer
Mechanical & Mechatronics