Welcome to SLTC

Initiated with the primary focus of fulfilling the national requirement of expanding the provision of qualitative higher educational opportunities and facilities which are on par with international universities, SLTC has further broadened the horizons for their undergraduates by offering a variety of programmes (Undergraduate and Graduate) and by creating affiliations with other eminent foreign universities. The curriculums have been curated by renowned academia and industry experts ensuring sound theoretical, practical and analytical knowledge.


To be a centre of excellence in higher education and research that creates knowledge and human resource capabilities necessary to devise and drive new innovations for the purpose of effecting positive economic and societal changes.

Our University is modern and forward thinking, not bound or limited by tradition. This means we’re quick to adopt the latest developments in teaching and research, to create a truly cutting edge university. We strive to be the “centre of excellence for the development of full student potential for the benefit of Sri Lanka and the rest of the world.” Our primary aim is to produce readily employable graduates who are skilled to take on a career of their choice and flourish in it.

Located in the iconic satellite earth station; a sprawling 35 acre premises of serene greenery of the Padukka Campus ,the SLTC provides its students the ideal study environment.The state of the art laboratories,spacious classrooms, on campus residences, sports and recreational facilities and the lush green surroundings set the most scenic atmosphere for the students to learn, connect and live what would be the most memorable years of their lives enjoying the best facilities a campus has to offer.

Sri Lanka Technological Campus (SLTC) is the only corporate powered, research based, fully residential University in the Country and a fully owned subsidiary of Sri Lanka Telecom.


Provide a liberal environment for research and learning of the highest calibre that enforces professional ethics and integrity, promotes diversity, encourages constructive critique, and rewards informed risk-taking to produce well-rounded graduates who are capable of providing the leadership necessary to overcome the many social and ecological challenges that are yet to be conceived.

Core Values

  • We thrive to achieve excellence in research by the advancement in the understanding of limitations and the development of solutions to overcome them.
  • We ensure a teaching/learning culture that values creativity, diversity and fosters collaboration and teamwork. In such an environment teaching/learning will take place as a self motivated collaborative effort between students themselves and students and staff.
  • We commit to produce a new brand of graduates who are capable of uplifting the quality of life of societies they live in and craft our programmes to encourage entrepreneurship and ensure maximum employability.
  • We groom individuals to make informed progressive decisions and equip them with the necessary skills and attitude to implement them.
  • We will implement a continuous quality assurance and program revision processes in order to guarantee the delivery of the expected outcomes and the upgrading of the program in order to be abreast of the fast changing nature of technology and knowledge.
  • We enforce a rigorous process of recruitment of students and staff in order to ensure that we are driven by a group of people capable of delivering our mission.
  • We facilitate the provision of the best possible infrastructure and facilities to focus on enriching student experience and satisfaction.
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