International Strategy

SLTC presents a comprehensive and flexible portfolio of academic and research partnerships with some prestigious universities in the world. These partnerships provide our students unique access to a global platform for further education. A major objective of our international partnerships is to give our students an exposure to the multi-cultural and global educational environment and open global career opportunities.

Our academic partnerships enable SLTC students to finish two years of their undergraduate education in Sri Lanka and to transfer to our partner universities for the next two years. This transfer is facilitated as a full credit transfer and the students will obtain a degree from our partner university. Credit transfer program is a comprehensive mapping of SLTC curriculum to our partner curriculum(s).

Our research partnerships enable our students and faculty to engage in cutting edge research with some of the leading foreign universities. They also get to go to these universities for their projects and attending various seminars, conferences and workshops.

Our academic partners:

  • Lancaster University, UK
  • Royal Melbourne University, Australia and Vietnam
  • Deakin University, Australia
  • Lincoln University, New Zealand

Our research partners:

  • Georgia Tech University, USA
  • Texas Tech University, USA
  • Trinity College Dublin, Ireland
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