Fees and funding

SLTC offers multiple options in fees and funding to its students.

ENTECH Youth Excellence Scholarships

Acknowledging academic excellence exhibited at the Advanced Level examinations, SLTC grants attractive scholarships to prospective students based on the grades they have obtained.Read more…..

Semester-wise payment scheme

Students are able to split their course fees and pay them at the beginning of the semester. A student will have 4 weeks from the start of the semester to complete the semester payment. Our student services unit is always available for students to obtain guidance on any payment relater matter

Loan scheme

SLTC has negotiated an exclusive loan scheme with NDB Bank to offer its students an attractive option to fund their higher education.

This unique loan is offered without any GUARANTORS or COLATERAL. The repayment period could be extended up to 08 years.

The university administration will guide students toward the total process of applying for the loan.

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