The mission of the SLTC Office of Industrial Liaison (OIL) is to provide you with opportunities to explore careers, acquire professional experience, and prepare for post-graduate employment. It also promotes the commercial development of SLTC technologies derived through its research programmes.

We are committed towards interdisciplinary research and to ensure discoveries through such research, are successfully commercialized to benefit the public.

The Office actively seeks commercial partners to establish mutually beneficial long-term relationships to:

  • Work with our students during their industry internships.
  • Develop SLTC technologies.

Our industry internships provide you with opportunities to explore careers, acquire professional experience, and prepare for post-graduate employment.

Our activities will help you in:

  • Developing professional writing and presentation skills
  • Gaining an understanding of the industry’s standards and challenges
  • Determining the elements of the organization’s culture and your fit within it
  • Networking, building relationships, and developing professional contacts
  • Prioritizing time and responsibilities and managing projects
  • Testing aspirations and goals in the workplace
  • Setting new aspirations and goals based on your internship experience


Securing work experience, a graduate job or postgraduate study demands a wide range of skills and knowledge. We have a dedicated, experienced and professionally qualified Careers Team who work closely with academic colleagues to ensure that our students develop the skills needed to graduate with confidence knowing that they are equipped to compete effectively for the opportunities they seek.

We are here to help you:

  • Identify and develop your skills for employment or further study
  • Gain experience through our employment and recruitment service and award winning placements programmes
  • Meet hundreds of employers and organizations through our varied programme of events


As we have the advantage of being a fully residential campus, we groom our students on entrepreneurial and leadership skills that are critical attributes of your future success, as a ‘would-be-entrepreneur’. Our on-site entrepreneurial initiatives will help you acquire the necessary skill set to effectively manage a small business. We believe that these skills acquired at SLTC will help our students identify their strengths and weaknesses, helping them develop skills that make them effective leaders, who would motivate their employees and promote a conducive environment for teamwork.


We work with some of the top graduate recruiters, conglomerates, corporates, high growth businesses and employers from many different sectors. These prospective employers representing a wide spectrum of business areas and the public sector, all recognize and value the quality and capacity of student and graduate talent we offer. With a comprehensive programme of events organized throughout the year we provide employers with multiple opportunities to engage with our students and graduates. Through recruitment events, employer presentations, mentoring opportunities, course lectures and work-based projects you will have countless opportunities to meet and learn.

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