In 2018, Sri Lanka Technological Campus (SLTC) introduced country’s first merit-based Engineering and Technology scholarship programs for the first time in Sri Lanka. ENTECH Youth Excellence Scholarships is a novel scheme which is unique to SLTC as it is the only merit based scholarship scheme which considers the Advanced Level results of a prospective student and offers high achievers a world class education. Through this scheme, SLTC has opened an attractive pathway for aspiring young achievers to conquer the future in Engineering and Technological innovations.

Eligibility Criteria for ENTECH Scholorships: 2 ‘C’ passes and ‘1’ S pass or above, at Local or London Advanced Level examinations, is mandatory to be eligible for ENTECH scholarships

Your A/L’s Results (National/UK)

3 A’s’




Scholarship Fee Waiver

Full Scholarship

30% per each A obtained

20% per each B obtained

10% per each C obtained

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