Student wellbeing is at the heart of our intersts. A clinical psychologist visits the university every last thursday of a month, to attend to students’ issues. Any student is free to get an appointment prior to meet her in confidence.

We do focus on student’s physical as well as mental wellbeing. We encourage students to engage in sports activities with the purpose of maintaining their physical fitness as well as their mental well being, which develops their focus and patience in numerous ways.

In case of an emergency illness of a student, he / she will be accompanied by the hostel wardens to the Padukka Medical Center for priority treatment.

Located on 35-acres of sprawling, lush green environment, the SLTC is the only corporate-powered residential campus in Sri Lanka. Some of our greatest strengths include overall student satisfaction and the ability to produce readily employable graduates. We are confident you’ll have a great time at the campus and graduate with strong employment prospects. You’ll be joining a university which is modern and forward thinking. This means we’re quick and nimble in adopting the latest developments in teaching and research to create a truly, cutting edge institution.

We have a socially diverse student population; so whatever your background you’ll feel at home here.

Our residential campus is one of our greatest assets and offers you the best of many worlds – a busy urban vibe surrounded by great parkland and sport facilities. Creating a high quality study environment is central to our thinking and we have invested millions in modern facilities. We have onsite residential hostels for male and female students. The hostels are safe and secure with 24/7 security, and a fulltime Matron managing and adminitering its affairs. All the hostels have been equipped with beds, bathrooms, cupboards, chairs and desks and linen is provided to each student.

Students have access to two canteens, at the main office building and next to the hostels. They have the option of requesting the week’s menu choice and can cook for themselves as well.

Students are encouraged to take part in social and sports activities.

For students who opt to travel daily, a daily shuttle Service is also provided from Colombo to Padukka.

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