Fee collection is handled by the University Student Services Unit, which will be open for students at any given time of the day. The Invoice for the semester payment will be posted to the parents within the first two weeks of the semester. The payment will be collected before the mid semester examination which is conducted after 7 weeks. Students can either make the payment in cash to the above unit or else can opt to deposit the money to the given bank account and they should submit the bank slip to obtain the receipt for the payment.

No student will be allowed to proceed from one semester to another having payments in arrears. This is a strict policy that SLTC follows.

Quality education at an affordable rate

SLTC provides all students the opportunity of having world-class education at an affordable rate. We offer various scholarship schemes, installment basis payment schemes, and loan schemes and we encourage you to apply.

NDB Loan

The National Development Bank (NDB) has partnered with SLTC to offer a unique “8-year, collateral-free student loans at low interest rates”. All students can avail themselves of this unique opportunity and help ease the burden of funding their university education.

Payments to SLTC

Your payments can be made to any branch of NDB or People’s Bank.:

NDB Bank

NDB Bank

Account name: SLT Campus (Pvt) Ltd.

Account No: 101-00061-3388

People's Bank

NDB Bank

Account name: SLT Campus

Account No: 204-1-001-0-0008426

For more information please get in touch with us on our hotline number 0711 100 500 or 0112 100 500 or drop us a mail at info@sltc.ac.lk

You can also contact us online

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