The Center for Excellence in Teaching, Learning and Innovation (CETLI) has been set up to improve the skills and performances that we strive to bring about through ‘education’. As education is a broad term involving formal as well as informal education, we will begin with a focus on specific areas and then move ahead in a stepwise process to encompass further areas.

The center will concentrate on improving the teaching skills of university staff by conducting courses, workshops, conferences and also by giving individual advice. Where necessary, resource personal from CETLI will also undertake specific visits to inspect and advice on the situational contexts, which will contribute to improvement.

To improve the quality of teaching, our Centre will conduct a 3-month course for university teachers, termed ‘Making Teaching Effective’ (MaTE) and will offer longer courses that will be accredited internationally in partnership with recognised higher education organisations overseas.

In courses such as these, we will use interactive methods to change long-standing teaching and learning practices to bring about effective learning of both subject matter and socio – emotional skills (‘soft skills’) of Sri Lankan students and teachers.

We will support a national conference on higher education, where university lecturers will show how they have introduced new teaching activities ensuring subject matter and socio – emotional skills being developed, as well as to show how teachers have motivated university students to become interested and interactively engaged with classroom teaching and learning activities.

We intend not only to teach modern methods of teaching and learning to enhance student skills and competencies, but also to show how this is actually done in university classrooms using the methods we teach in the courses that our Centre will conduct. Conferences and short seminars that we will conduct will also provide a much- needed forum for actively discussing what holds back the development of our Sri Lankan youth.

CETLI will publish short practical guides to disseminate to the wider public what is necessary to be broad-based as practices to improve education. What we accomplish will no doubt contribute immensely to the productivity of our country.

What center intends to accomplish is therefore a long-felt need that has yet to be delivered and our Centre is committed to explore, as well as utilise, innovative methods to bring our motherland to a new state of effectiveness using one of the largest resource we have been blessed with, which is our teachers and youth engaging in educational activities. The time and effort that these committed people spend each day have to be brought up to new levels of effectiveness using innovative methods if we are to bring our country to a level of effectiveness and prosperity. Our mission is to contribute humbly to achieve this goal, using education as a vehicle towards achieving it.

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