HUB is SLTC’s official accommodation services introduced to provide a complete university experience to all its residents. SLTC believes that an undergraduate living on campus is presented with a variety of opportunities ranging from access to academic and research facilities, engage in sports and recreational activities and to build lifelong friendships with fellow undergraduates.

Phase 01 of HUB signifies the opening of the first ever ‘in-campus residential hostel of this nature, built at a corporate backed higher educational institute, in Sri Lanka.

In addition to fully furnished rooms with occupancy of 400 students, study spaces and a multi-purpose areas, the building offers attractive facilities to the students at SLTC. The 3900 s.q.m. building, which is phase one of a 4-phased project, is constructed using EPS panels embedded with GI meshes, a yet another first in a 4-storeyed building in the country.

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