Student life at SLTC will be one of the most memorable experiences in our your lives and is assured to be uniquely different, interesting and enjoyable in many ways. It simply is a place like-no-other, for higher education in Sri Lanka. Unique educational offerings, outstanding teaching methodologies, unparalleled academia, conducive learning environment, pristinely green surroundings, state-of-the-art facilities, modern accommodation, multidimensional extra curricular opportunities and the diversity in its student population, all supplement the holistic development of our students and enrich ‘Students Lives’ at SLTC

Students Interactive Society (SIS), is the apex student body, representing the 800+ student community plays a major part in ensuring the promise of delivering an enriched student life.

The organisational structure consisting of a President, vice President, Secretary and a Treasurer selected by an unbiased participatory voting process of all the students of the campus. The SIS plays an important role in coordinating academic and non-academic activities of the students where the observations, comments and suggestions are presented in a constructive manner. The society further enables the office bearers to exercise their leadership and management skills so that they are more prepared to meet the challenges in the external environments.

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