It will be useful for you to read through the following

Before you apply

It is good for you to read and review all pathways we offer, to have aproper understanding on what you could opt for. Then make your choice, and be sure you have chosen the best field to pursue your higher studies and you chosen subject area is what interest you most.

Course prerequisites

You should have obtained a minimum of 3 simple passes (“S” passes) at your G.C.E.(A/L) examination. Specific degree programs will have other prerequisites, please refer detailed information provided under respective degrees

Tuition fees

You will be assisted by our professional student counsellors to enlighten you on all available payment options

We do have a semester wise installment payment scheme where you get make the semester payment every 6 months

In conjunction with NDB Bank, we also offer an exclusive, attractive loan scheme which could help you to pay your tuition fee in affordable monthly installments. Loan repayment period could be extended to maximum of 08 years, to reduce the financial burden on parents and to enable young graduates to repay the loan, through their own earnings once employed.

Estimated expenses

Apart from your course fees, other living expenses will consist of food, lodging and other ancillary expenses. If you are not living in the vicinity of the university we are glad to provide you accommodation in our accomodation services- “THE HUB “

Meals can be obtained from university cafeteria at subsidized rates

Interviews and test dates

Once you submit your online application to SLTC, it will be stored in our applicant database. In most instances within two weeks or less, you will then receive an email, SMS and a letter informing your admission to an aptitude test which will be followed by a selection interview.

When you apply

When you apply you will be getting an email verifying successful submission of your application.

Application forms and procedures

Apart from the online application, all other applications could be downloaded from this website

Download Application

Payment of application fee

Upon your successful completion of the aptitude test and the interview you will be then informed of a date to pay the admission fee in order to reserve the seat. You will receive the letter/e mail with the fee amount and the payment mechanism within one week after the test.

After you apply

It is important that you follow the next few simple steps, and they’ll help you to be up to date on progress in your application process

Check application status

You can login to your account using the login information and check status of your application. Our team at “SLTC REACH” will also be able to assist you in educating of the status.

Accept SLTC offer

When the admission fee is paid, you will be officially given a student registration number and the offer letter. Once you become a student at SLTC, you will be provided with a student ID card and an official email address. You are required to correspond with the university using the email address assigned to you.

After Acceptance

Once you accept the final offer of SLTC you become a part of our most important stakeholder group – Our Students


You will be invited for the Inauguration ceremony on the commencement of the programme. Afterwards will be inducted to an orientation programme of 4 - 6 weeks, prior to the commencement of the academic programme.

Hostel information

You will be contacted by the Registrar’s office, details on accommodation options will be provided and with an opportunity to secure accommodation facilities from the first day of commencement of the programme.

Freshmen guide

Along with the invitation letter for the inauguration, you will also receive a “Info Pack” giving you basic information on living in the university. This will certainly help you to adjust into its lifestyle from day one.

Further you will be provided the ‘student handbook’, which contains university code of conduct, accommodation policies, examination policies, rules and regulations, and more details on the university.

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