Extensive Wi-Fi coverage is available on campus via LEARN (Lanka Education and Research Network), which is the main wireless network available to staff and students; It is unlimited, and accessible across campus and in lecture theatres.


SLTC provides all students and staff with a standard G Suite email account that could store files up to 5TB each. None of the Docs, Sheets, or Slides you create will use up any of your personal storage space. This can be considered as a secure personal storage space for your work at the campus.

Your email address will be based on your first name and last name (e.g. if the first name is Adam and the last name is Smith).

Respective departments will use your student email to contact you with regards important messages on your course. The University also shares news, events and other information using email.


Students have access to a range of downloadable software required for their degree.

  • Anti-virus
  • Microsoft Office and related publishing tools
  • Specialist Software e.g. SPSS, MatLab, AutoCAD, Android Studio and SDK tools, Lab-center Electronics: Proteus, Atmel Studio etc.

IT Service Desk & PC Clinic

The IT Service Desk & PC Clinic (m: +94 71 246 2981) are the central point of contact for students seeking help, advice and support for all IT related services, that includes:

  • Registration issues - passwords, user accounts
  • Fingerprint attendance related issues
  • Computing advice & information
  • Assistance in using IT services available
  • PC and Mac support service and more


Modern High-tech computer Laboratories

The campus has extensive computer labs available to students 5 days per week. Computer use on campus is completely free to you (except for printing). Registered students are able to access high bandwidth wired and wireless internet on SLTC computer labs, and in many social and learning spaces.

Smart Lecture Rooms

Our Smart Lecture Rooms have the latest technology to best facilitate your teaching needs:

  • Podium with lecturer laptop and personal device connections (VGA, HDMI, mini DisplayPort)
  • Whiteboard
  • Smart IQ projector and screen
  • Amplifier and speakers with fixed podium microphone or wireless microphone receiver
  • Document Camera (as Smart projector feature)

Moodle (Learning Management System), fully automated Library OPAC (Online Public Access Catalog) using RFID and KOHA (Open Source ILS - Integrated Library System) with access for lending and reference of books at the library.

Online access with student portal on learning management system to your course and exam timetables, attendance calculation and admission process.

PCs in the Library, learning labs including electronics, telecommunication, power, mechatronics, civil engineering, optical etc. and related departments, with many accessible 24/7

Printers have been installed at different locations across the campus, with options to send-to-print from a wide range of personal devices of staff members and to print out from any student printer

Free online or face-to-face IT training via skype, LMS etc.

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