Research is the systematic production of new knowledge about some aspect of our life. The research cycle involves a few phases: conceiving a research question, literature review to find the prior work that has been done, designing a method, getting the consent of our academics to conduct the investigation, collecting the data and materials, analyzing this data, inferring conclusions, presenting or writing up the results in peer-reviewed journals.

SLTC academics can help you in all of those phases of your research.

Our academic staff engages with their students through a Problem Based Learning (PBL) approach that improves the student skills in research. We have state-of-the-art laboratory facilities to accommodate student research projects. Our Office of Research and Innovation Services (ORIS) is very active in advanced research and its research assistants have published some major new findings in leading international journals.

SLTC is home to highly qualified and motivated group of academics involved in top quality, cutting-edge research. Our academics take part in number of research projects in collaboration with researchers from various local and international universities, namely RMIT Vietnam, Deakin University Australia, Manipal University Jaipur India etc. Further we have strong collaborations with industry experts from OREL Corporation, MAS, and Airtel.

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